Using the Freedom of Information Act, LUCS audits public records and searches for lost funds held by government agencies and owed to private individuals. Our client services include first locating and then contacting the rightful owner (claimant) of assets being held.


When we find individuals, we contact them to obtain permission to work on their behalf to RECOVER these funds. It cost you nothing out of pocket for our services. We work on a contingency fee basis. We then assist the claimant in the filing of the proper government forms.



Last, we proceed with making arrangements with the government agencies to have a check made out in the claimant’s name delivered directly to the claimant. Any funds we recover will be in the form of a government check made payable to the claimant and NOT to LaCri United Claim Solutions.When we are successful in recovering your money, we'll then invoice  you for a small percentage of the total refund recovered. Don't worry,  we won't abandon you there. LUCS will continue with any representation with the various government agencies as needed on the claimant’s behalf.

Please contact us by phone or message as soon as possible so that we can start your claim. Claims are usually processed in 14-30 days, sometimes 60 days, depending on the complexity of the claim. Please be advised that some funds are only held for so long before they are escheated back to the county for their fiscal budget!

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