​LaCri United Claim Solutions is a small group of asset recovery specialist located in Arkansas. There are over 20,000 individuals that have unclaimed funds and 95% of them don't know. We are experts in recovering assets for people that otherwise have no clue until contacted by us. There are many government agencies holding money on the Federal, State, and local level including thousands of counties throughout the country.

BIllions of dollars go unrecovered at the Federal level including the IRS, the Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to name a few.

Lost money includes funds that have been turned over to their respective department's after they have been considered abandoned by their rightful owners. Money is usually considered abandoned 3-5 years after the company has lost contact with the owner. Alot of these accounts are turned over to the counties. These counties either hold money themselves in perpetuity, turn them over to the state they reside in after so  long, or they keep the money themselves if the rightful owner doesn't come forward after determined time limit.


After locating and contacting the rightful owner of assets being held, we then assist the claimant in the filing of the proper government forms. Arrangements are made with government agencies to have a check made out in the claimants name delivered directly to the claimant. Any funds we recover will be in the form of a government check made payable to the claimant and NOT to LaCri United Claim Solutions.


The best part about our service is we only get paid a small percentage if we get money back for you..NO RESULTs...NO FEE!


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